Street to Street Mentorship

Leading by Example and trusting in someone who been where

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Over 30 years of Experience

Street to Street Mentorship Mission

Street Counsel is a Civil Rights Litigator, Published Author of Case Law, Community Activist, Freedom Fighter, Agitator, Prison & legal expert and exposer of human oppression.

Street to Street Mentorship is a psychotherapy education non-profit and youth mentoring program that applies a hands on approach to addressing youth issues. It also serves a teacher, sponsor, advisor, agent, role model, coach, and confidante in which the mentor customize its role to match the characteristics of the fellow youth.

Panel Disussion

A discussion with Senator Lesniak and others on Parole and the impact it has on the elders

Former Member of Newark Anti Violence coalition

On the front lines over 10 years with the Newark Anti Violence Coalition

New Jersey largest City issuing Resolution Commending Street Counsel for his outstanding Criminal Justice work and being the Founder of the Newark Community Street Team

Community Initiative

At a food drive with one of the original Team Members of Newark Community Street Team


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